Print and Digital Solutions for Successful Event Promotion

One of the ways we can help you grow your business is by offering suggestions for products that will help you achieve your goals. This month, we are featuring digital and print solutions you can use for event promotions.

Checklist for Effective Event Promotions


wise website home page designBefore you begin, make sure that all details about the event are clear and consistent across all promotional efforts. Check that all materials have the correct event name, time, location, and other information.

Create some or all of the following items for use in your promotions:

1. Save the Date announcements

Create an early buzz for your event with Save the Date announcements for sharing on postcards, emails, blogs, and other communications.

2. Digital and Printed Invitations

Digital invitations can be sent through a e-vite site, on Facebook, and/or by email. Printed options include a traditional card (with envelope), a postcard, etc.

wise event registration button sample3. RSVP and Payment Options

For printed invitations, include a phone number and email, or use a separate card for clients to mail back to you. Always indicate a deadline for RSVPs. On digital invitations, make sure there is a way attendees can RSVP electronically, either through a link, or by replying to your email. It’s a good idea to include a phone number, even in digital invites. Keep track of the RSVPs you receive, and send out reminders as needed.

For events that require payment, create a website page with a secure payment portal and include the link in all invitations.

example of web banner for an event4. Web Banners and Pages

Post event details and updates on your website and social media outposts. Include links to the pages in all your event communications.

5.  Sponsor and Exhibit Packets

For large events, consider creating sponsor and exhibit packets both in print and for the web. The information should include the benefits of sponsorships, the cost and size of booths/sponsorships, a map of the exhibit area, and a map of the general location.  When hosting a multiple-day event, include information on hotels, area attractions, etc.

wise social media logos6. Social Media Announcements

Regularly share information and links on your social media outposts (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.). Spread the word through your company or organization website, and other groups you are involved in. Let your audiences know when you add new speakers, sponsors, etc. Ask them to share, like, re-tweet, etc.

WISE 2013 Save the date flyer7. Print and Digital Advertisements

Purchase advertisements to promote your event. Consider print and online publications in relevant industries and geographical areas.

8. Event Program

Create a printed program with the event agenda, workshop list, speaker bios, etc.

9. Giveaways

Purchase specialty advertising items — such as pens, name tags, and notepads — to give away.

10. Signage

WISE Enter to WIn SignKeep your event organized with printed signs with directions to the location, specific rooms, exhibit halls, etc.

11. Visual Displays for Trade Show Booth and Table Tops

If you are an exhibitor at an event, visual displays for full-size booths or table tops are a must. Make sure your display is at the same level of professionalism as others who will be attending. Don’t be the booth everyone avoids!

12. Awards and Certificates

End your event on a high note with awards and certificates for participants. Thank them for their attendance and encourage them to maintain contact with you for future events and promotions.

13. Specialty Advertising / Promotional Giveaways

wise specialy adveritising mirror graphicHave an item to send home with attendees. Find an item that can be used multiple times and one that ties into your company or industry. Choose an item you know your clientele and prospects will relate to. For WISE, Women in Successful Enterprises, professional business women are the target market. One of the give-aways WISE shares is a small purse mirror with the brand logo and website domain on the back of it. It is an item members use time and time again – plus they use it in public so others can see the branding on the back and make inquiries about the organization. Don’t break the bank on overly fancy and expensive give-aways especially when your event is a trade show that may have attendees who are not interested in doing business with but like to partake in your freebies.


Use a combination of these digital and print solutions to successfully promote your event. You’ll find that a well-organized and memorable event will increase your audience and cement your brand. If you need help creating these solutions, contact us today.

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