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Helpful Design Tips

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You’re corporate brochures looks awesome! But how does it read? As a design firm we specialize in making your marketing items look good. We don’t just stop at how they look though. To maintain your professional image it is important for your text to be clean and accurate too. We know it’s really about how […]

How many client proposals do you have out there right now?

Sometimes it seems like eons pass before a response comes in these days. There is a fine line between pestiness and persistence when following up with client project bids. Here are five tried-and-true techniques marketing guru, Ilise Benun, suggests to use to speed up the process: 1. Ask for a simple “yes” or “no.” Author […]

Direct Mail

When it comes to direct mail, everything from your own competition to recipients’ busy schedules can work against you. We’ve gathered great advice on increasing the response to your direct mailer. Know the specific objectives of your mailing. What measurable results are you seeking? When scanning a direct mail letter, almost everyone will read a […]

Stay connected with your address book…

All businesses can stand for some improvement. Sometimes we are too close to realize what could work better, or maybe we have a feeling but need the data to support our concerns. Have you ever surveyed your email list? There are so many things you can learn from surveying your customers and prospects. From learning […]

How well can you detect email and website fraud?

This is a quiz to test if you can accurately detect a fraudulent Web site or email. There are many fake login sites and emails with a virus disguised as an important message. This quiz is designed with examples of fake sites and real ones to show you what to look for and keep you […]

Cover Your Bases!

From simple customer contact information to multi layered applications for reporting each aspect of a business, company databases come in all shapes and sizes. What size fits you? We’ve outlined some questions to get you on the right track…. Do You Know Where Your Database Is? Depending on their size and specific industry, most businesses […]

Green Up Your Next Print Project!

To increase options and affordability of earth friendly and recycled products we all need to select them when making personal and professional purchases. Connection Group supports the green initiative through the use and availability of paper and products with recycled content. We seek clients and vendors dedicated to supporting the environment with earth friendly practices […]


A GUIDELINE ABOUT DIGITAL VS ANALOG RESOLUTION… or…why we can’t grab your photo off your website for use on your printed brochure. . . IT’S A BIT TECHNICAL, BUT WORTH WRAPPING YOUR HEAD AROUND The human eye perceives approximately 200 dots per inch. Images you see reproduced in quality print materials are composed of 300 […]

Think twice about giving anything away for free on your web site

Can you say FREE? You may want to think twice about giving anything away for free on your web site. A client who offered a free item on their web site for viewers of their television show learned the hard way! As a local Michigan television show there was a manageable amount of requests for […]

Free Domain Names are not necessarily free

Free Domain Names? For How Long? Since so many of the cool domain names have been snagged (and mostly by people who aren’t even using them-ugh!) choosing one can be a daunting task. As difficult as this step is however, it is just the first decision of many before you launch your website. Once you […]