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Get in Front of Your Target Customer with Direct Mail

direct mail branding postcard examplePrint is not dead! On the contrary print marketing has seen a resurgence over the last year. Although printing is expensive and direct mail postage adds even more costs, when crafted properly direct mail campaigns and print materials can be a cost effective solution to get in front of your target market.

We hear more and more how businesses are challenged with the many marketing options available to them today. Should they advertise on Facebook? Should they continue to pay monthly for an ad in a reference book that nobody seems to look at anymore? Should they create a monthly direct mail campaign of postcards highlighting specials or company services?

Then there are the internet marketing options; social media, blogs, and websites. All of these marketing opportunities can be overwhelming and the most important factor, your target audience, can be difficult to capture. If the only customer you are seeking is the twenty something or under, internet marketing solutions along with some tv spots are a viable approach. However, if your business target market includes people over the age of 30, you may want to consider combining your internet marketing campaign with a direct mail campaign.

Depending on your offer, message, and target audience Connection Graphic can suggest the best format, develop the content, and determine the approach – all with consideration to your time and budget. Maybe you have a comprehensive mailing list that you can reach out to with a direct mail campaign? Or maybe you are trying to reach a specific neighborhood or segment of the city? We can craft direct mail pieces that suit your needs and gets in the hands of your audience. Postcards are an economical choice and since there are no envelopes hiding the message an eye-catching design is hard to miss – even in an often full mail box. A well designed, colorful direct mail piece is always more welcome than a bill too! Give us a call today to schedule a 30 minute complimentary consultation. Or submit contact information here.

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