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The Importance of Design in Marketing

The Importance of Design in Marketing Connection Group Blog August

Creating Brand Visuals that Communicate

Everything is so much prettier these days. Design is in mainstream consciousness and visual standards are  steep. Apple and Target have demonstrated that even utilitarian items can become art when both aesthetics and function are balanced. The importance of design in marketing has a higher level than a mere five years ago. Graphic design marries visuals with a message to facilitate marketing goals. How does your brand or company stand out from the torrents of information and stylish brands out there?

1. Templates – Themes

Pre-made theme designs for websites, stationary, brochure and business card templates, and even pre-made logos are prevalent on the internet. The challenge is that other small businesses- maybe even your competition – may be using the same template as you!

When you understand the importance of design in marketing and decide customized graphics and design is the way to go  you encounter another challenge. Making custom changes to existing graphic design templates may be difficult. How can you make it your own style without having design software?

Do small business marketing research before purchasing or ordering graphic design or brand design visuals for your company. Make a list of elements to include in your project and choose your theme with those in mind. For instance determine what the main areas of your website will be, this helps determine your navigation. Research design themes or templates and make sure you can customize those cookie cutter templates to amplify your brand.

2. Color

Is your company high tech, energetic or tranquil? The colors you use will communicate, often sub-consciously, how the viewer  is suppose to feel. What colors are associated with the feeling you would like to depict in your brand? Visit our color personality list in our design tips section for ideas.

3. Fonts

Like color, font selection can quickly depict the mood of a brand. When choosing a font for your brand remember not all fonts display on the web. Web fonts are increasing but if you use a font in your logo that is not supported it will need to be converted to a graphic. Try a few combinations and limit your selection to only one or two fonts that flow well together.

4. Consistency

The only way to build lasting brand recognition is to be consistent with all of the above elements in all media channels. Your logo and other brand visuals need to be formatted to work for both print and web use. Consider all the media outposts your visual designs and digital images will be used/ (online, print, tv, video, etc.)

5. Qu2 sisters misguided manual to motherhoodality

Are you using cheesy clip art, blurry or low resolution photo or graphics? Once again we address the importance of design in marketing. When prospects see poor quality or disjointed marketing pieces in the market place it raises questions. Are they disorganized, don’t care about details?

Can you improve your dated logo, images or get new photos taken? Can graphics be redrawn or recreated for digital use? Can you purchase professional stock designs?

6. Graphic Style

Photos and graphics are also strong messages. What graphic style fits best with your brand message? Black and white photography, hand drawn illustrations, etc. Graphic styles may be photos or graphics in styles such as grunge, hipster, retro, elegant, contemporary, realistic, classic, natural, cartoonish. What visual design style suits your business marketing?

Thanks for reading the importance of design in marketing. The following post will follow along this topic and focus on the importance of visual content.