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Lansing and Charlotte, Michigan Small Business Marketing Solutions


Looking for small business marketing solutions? We receive calls everyday from small businesses looking for answers to their marketing needs. We also receive phone calls from other marketing companies trying to sell to us! I am amazed by the volume of calls (some robo calls, don’t get me started on those-ugh!) from marketing companies. Each call promises increased  Google rankings, website visitors, social media followers, decreased pounds   – wait, no, that is a call that could actually be helpful…

I met with a customer this week who received one of these calls. The call spurred a discussion about Google rankings and how we could help. We’ve also met with a couple of small businesses in Lansing and Charlotte, Michigan have monthly marketing package agreements with Town Square Media. Town Square Media have a large sales forcey, targeting small businesses in mid-Michigan and throughout the country who need help with web design and marketing. They build responsive websites and offer social media management. They also promise search engine optimization (SEO) and monthly edits to small business websites for a set monthly fee.

Marketing Packages for Small Business

Marketing packages are beneficial small business marketing solutions if they offer consistent, fresh, customized content, at a set affordable cost. We were surprised to hear Town Square Media customers were paying twice as much per month as we charge. Plus, their customers were getting a very  small percentage of the service we provide. Some of the small businesses who had WordPress responsive websites built were paying over $200 a month. They also told us that if they wanted to cancel they would lose their website. After over a year of paying for a website the didn’t even own their website!

Fortunately, we have been able to help these Lansing and Charlotte, Michigan businesses. They now own their website designs and have control of their internet marketing. Can we help your small business save money and get more ROI and higher brand recognition?

If you are a Town Square Media customer in Lansing or in the surrounding small towns please give us a call today. We believe in small businesses and we relish the opportunity to help you grow. For those of you who are paying monthly for a responsive e-commerce website or other small business website that you will never own – cut your losses.

Affordable Small Business Marketing Solutions

We will build a custom website for similar or less cost than you have paid and you will own it once paid in full. We will also train you on how to edit your responsive website. Have problems with edits? Call us, we’re here to help and we will walk you through updating your website. We’re here for you if you have major changes you prefer not to attempt. We will provide an accurate time-based estimate to get your website design developed quickly. You don’t have to take our word for it, our reviews speak for themselves.

For small businesses with professional websites who need answers about social media management, email marketing, SEO and getting reviews posted on Google, etc. please give us a call. Don’t sign on with a company you haven’t researched or with a company who doesn’t know you, or your local area.  We will meet with you over the phone or face to face. After the meeting, we can develop a custom plan. Plans can include fee based services, or we train you how to achieve similar results. Take back ownership of your brand, connect with us today!

CAMW Offers Education Vouchers – thru April 9, 2010

Capital Area Michigan Works! is participating with the Michigan Department of Energy, Labor and Economic Growth and Microsoft to implement Elevate America, a program designed to build Greater Lansing’s workforce-related skills in a 21st Century economy.

Elevate America provides access to FREE Microsoft E-Learning courses and certification exams. Beginning learners can access free training online. Intermediate and Advanced learners can visit a Capital Area Michigan Works Service Center to receive a voucher. Vouchers are available through April 9, 2010.

Intermediate vouchers are available to help job seekers, students, small business owners and residents upgrade their Microsoft Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Access and Excel skills (2003 or 2007), as well as Microsoft Vista skills. Additionally, learners can receive vouchers for the Microsoft Office Specialist Exam (2003) and Microsoft Office Certified Application Specialist Vista and Office Exam (2007). Free testing is available with vouchers at New Horizons in Lansing.

Those with existing IT experience can upgrade their skills further with vouchers for access to 89 different e-learning courses to help IT professionals prepare for Microsoft Certifications. Elevate America advanced e-learning courses support occupations such as Web/Windows Developers, Support Technicians, Database Administrators, Systems Administrators, Systems Engineers, Enterprise Administrators and Server Administrators.

Small businesses and existing professionals are welcome and encouraged to receive vouchers.

For more information, visit your local Capital Area Michigan Works! office in Lansing, St. Johns, or Charlotte.

Teri Sand, PHR, CBSP Capital Area Michigan Works!, 2110 South Cedar Street, Lansing, MI 48910 Direct Phone 517-492-5516; Fax 517-492-5501; Email tsand@camw.net