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Dimensions for Social Media Graphics

Sample dimensions for Facebook business page covers and profile photos. Note to leave space for the call to action
Sample dimensions for Facebook business page covers and profile photos. Note to leave space for the call to action

Digital Branding gets a new face. 

sample social media graphic fro facebook page feedAs social media evolves, new trends spark, more rules and standards lock in, and more opportunities to build your company brand arise with social media graphics.

Connecting your professional brand message in all media formats is why Connection Group is here. Developing social media graphics as branding visuals that incorporate logos, monthly specials, calls to action, etc. is one of our favorite services.

As much as we enjoy creating these digital graphics for all of you we know some of you still prefer to do it yourself. To help you maintain your professional brand image online we have compiled current social media graphics guidelines to help. The dimensions are below for various social media graphics you will use, from newsfeed photo posts to profile pictures in Facebook to LinkedIn to Twitter and Google+. Follow the dimensions posted and have fun creating your social media graphics! Here’s a pdf to download with all the social media graphics dimensions to reference later too.

If you prefer to do what you do best for your company – and creating graphics isn’t it – connect with us. We have the education, experience, and efficiency (plus super duper photo imaging and vector software) to create eye catching social media graphics. Give us a call today and take advantage of the current discount (expires April 30, 2014).

Do you have a slide show on your website? Do some of your slides need an update, a fresh look for the season? Give us a call for an estimate today – we may just slide those into the April promo too!

facebook iconFacebook – All graphics must be gifs/jpgs/or pngs


Facebook Profile Picture: 180 x 180 pixels Facebook requires this minimum size for uploading a profile picture only to then turn around and reduce to fit the actual required size of 160 x 160 pixels (square). 

Facebook Cover Photos:  851 x 315 pixels. For sharper, cleaner images start with images 1702 x 630. Facebook will resize.  (image should be wider than tall)

Facebook Page Post 400 x 400 pixels square. Page post or status image. Recommend upload size of 1200 x 1200px. Facebook will reduce. Size for mobile: 560 x 292.

Facebook Ads:  1,200 pixels wide (rectangular)   

News Feed ads: 600 pixels wide(rectangular) 

Facebook App Icons:  114 x 74 pixels, (rectangular) These are the icons that appear at the top of the page below your cover pic and above your page feed.

Facebook Photo Albums: 960 x 720 pixels is the maximum display size  (rectangular, landscape orientation). Photo albums are limited to 1000 photos each.

twitter graphic

TWITTER:  All graphics must be gifs/jpgs/ or pngs

Twitter Profile Picture: Upload at 128 x 128 pixels (square) Twitter will resize to 48 x 48 pixels

Twitter Background – Keep at 200 pixels across to ensure all content will be seen on all monitors.

Twitter header image:  1252 x 626, this graphic is displayed directly behind your profile photo.

google plus logo

GOOGLE+:  All graphics must be jpgs/pngs/or gifs no larger than 2 MBs in size.

Google+ Profile Picture: 250 x 250 pixels.

Google + Cover Photo: 940 x 180 pixels (this can also be an animated gif… (but please don’t get too crazy!)

linkedin logoLinkedin – all LinkedIn graphics must be jpgs/pngs/or gifs no larger than 2 MBs in size.

Linkedin Profile Picture: 250 x 250 pixels

Linkedin Company Cover Photo:   646 x 220 pixels (image should be wider than tall)

Hero Image  (Spotlight page)- Minimum 974-339 pixels, Maximum 2 MB, Landscape (image should be wider than tall). Crop once it’s loaded.

Standard Profile Logo: 100×60 pixels (image will be resized to fit), (image should be wider than tall)

Square Logo:  50×50 pixels (image will be resized to fit), This logo is shown in all unetwork updates. 

Good luck with your creations be sure to contact us if you have any questions. More networks are advancing everyday that will require us to expand this post. Please be sure to note the date since dimensions change frequently. Currently Pinterest only allows for profile pictures for their business pages but this may soon change… Are there other social media graphics you use regularly with unique dimensions? Please add them in comments below to help others.


logo-pdf Download PDF – Social Media Graphic Dimensions