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Success in business starts with connections

Digital Marketing

Small Business Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, or Web Marketing


Digital marketing is also known as online marketing and web marketing. Small business digital marketing strategies combinesa variety of digital channels in an effort to market your products and services. Because most digital marketing channels are online or on the web, internet marketing and web marketing have become terms that are interchanged with digital marketing.

Most of the current workforce were born in the digital era. A higher percentage each year of consumers, small business and corporations go to the internet and research purchases before they pick up the phone or stop into a brick and mortar store. Small business digital marketing along with internet advertising helps company websites and social media profiles  be found in this competitive medium. Digital marketing is not only where your customer is, many digital marketing channels can also track the actions of your customers and prospects. Reviewing these tracking reports can help you gain a clearer understanding of your customer and the digital channels that are working best to connect with them. The return on investment (ROI) is clear with small business digital marketing when you review the reports and analytics – or have your web marketing or digital marketing firm decipher them for you!

Small business digital marketing is the solution for reaching your target market because it’s where your customers are. The use of multi-channel communications such as an email campaign and social media announcement combine to capture a larger segment of your target audience.

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Components of Small Business Digital Marketing:

  • social media marketing
  • inbound marketing
  • email marketing
  • websites – landing pages
  • web content
  • videos
  • SEO
  • internet advertising
  • website banner advertising
  • apps
  • radio
  • tv
  • SMS (text messaging)

Success in business starts with connections