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Brand Marketing

cg-composite1Taking Corporate Brands from Good to Great

Brand marketing or a corporate brand isn’t just about your logo, website, brochure or Facebook business page. Your brand is the source of a promise to your customer. It’s really all about making sure that everything you do as a company has a coordinated message and look and feel. Graphically, that means creating a logo, choosing a corporate color (or colors), a typeface, and often a photo or illustration style.

Content-wise, it means honing in on the key points of your brand promise and marketing message to clearly, concisely, and compellingly reach your target audience. Taking the steps to establish a consistent message and image will pay off with customer loyalty, vendor confidence and employee pride. Small Business Brand Marketing

Partial list of small business brand marketing services:

  • Consultation – online or in person
  • Develop brand promise
  • Create Tagline / Brand Message
  • Design Logo / Graphic Design services
  • Create Identity Package – letterhead, business cards, etc.
  • Copywriting – for print materials, websites / online content
  • Design and develop website
  • Design and print brochures, sell sheets, one sheets, etc.
  • Establish social media Presence
  • Maintain brand messaging on all marketing channels

Brand Marketing Worksheet:

Following is a quick brand marketing outline with questions for start-up businesses or existing business who are ready to evaluate their brand marketing.

Brand Position: What does your company do / who are your customers? What unique value do you bring?

Brand Promise: What does your company stand for and offer to your customers every single time? All brand marketing will be based on this promise. Do you want to be known for high quality? Giving back to the community? etc.? Your brand marketing needs to communicate this clearly.

Brand Personality: What are the specific personality traits you want your company to be known for? (sophisticated, daring, sincere…)

What is your brand story: Share your company history here, why were you founded? How does your story build your credibility?, etc.

Brand Associations / Visual elements: The physical assets of your brand, name, logo, website, font, tagline, etc. Effective brand marketing will reflect your brand promise. and support your unique selling position.

We can help you establish your brand through all forms of media for successful brand marketing.

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Taking a corporate brand from good to great brand marketing presentation cover design To read more about ‘Taking a Corporate Brand from Good to Great’ read the 4 part article by Connie Sweet.

Part 1 – Your Business and Audience

Part 2 – Create Your Visual Brand

Part 3 – Protect Your Brand

Part 4 – Monitor Your Brand



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