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October 2016

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Taking Care of Business:
Driving Revenue to Your Brand

We have used Mailchimp for Connectivity and for our customer e-mail marketing for many years. Similar to WordPress, the website design and management software we recommend, Mailchimp is easy-to-use and reasonably priced. Mailchimp has become a leader in the email marketing space and continually adds new automated features.

Today I want to pass along a Skillshare video training highlighting new features Mailchimp has created for e-commerce websites. For those of you who sell products or services through your website, these new e-commerce features can help stimulate sales. (If you don’t want to join Skillshare, click the bottom right corner to view the videos.)

For those of you who have not implemented e-mail marketing into your marketing mix, Mailchimp has an extensive knowledge base and step by step instructions to set up your first campaign.

If you need help implementing these new features, please give us a call. We can add automated features to your website that assist your do-it-yourself e-mail marketing efforts. We can also take the reigns and develop weekly, monthly, or quarterly email campaigns to keep your customers informed and help you stay connected.

Social Media Gems
google gif

Ever wonder how your friends social media gets hacked? Or how yours got hacked? Many times hacks come from apps connected to your accounts — often from apps you don’t use anymore, or never have used. Google created a gif encouraging cleaning apps from your Google account. You can check your Facebook Apps here.

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