September 2016

Business card design for small business

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Business Card Design for Small Business

As a graphic designer I have been known to break a few corporate rules. However, I don’t get too crazy when it comes to business card design. At least when it comes to the shape and size of business cards. As in most industries, there are standards to follow that help consumers and industry professionals.  Challenges, expense and frustration occur when products vary from  industry standards.  An innovative product may be deemed unusable. A company who chooses to break from the norm may be striving to create a new standard (Hello Apple iphone7 headphones). In other instances they may not have compiled the proper research. Or they are just going rogue.

Lately, when attending networking events the business cards I have garnered are in a variety of shapes and sizes. Creative business card design is a valuable investment for start ups as well as established corporations. But, it is important not to get too far away from the norm… read more on the blog

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feng shui color meanings infographic

We love the practice of Feng Shui here in the office. Our most popular blog post for the longest time was Bring Good Energy to Your Business – Feng Shui Your Brand.  We stumbled cross (aka – got lost in Pinterest for a while) this Feng Shui color meaning infographic. Check out your brand visuals. Do the elements flow, does your color suit your brand personality?  Is it time for a Feng Shui cure? Give us a call, let’s map it out.

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