July 2016

10 MORE Event Marketing Elements

10 Event Marketing Items Needed for Successful Events

In a previous blog we touched on the first 10 event marketing elements needed for successful event marketing. For a successful campaign you can’t stop at just the first 10…read more on the blog…

Taking Care of Business:
What Do Your Customers Think of You?

annual event marketing posterOf course they love you! Why not have them share the love? One of the best ways for instant credibility with prospects is to have positive Google reviews. Google reviews are displayed on the right hand side of the search page. (As long as you have verified your company with Google.)

Want to see how it works? How about reviewing us?! Please go to this link and be the first to review us.

Now it’s your turn: 

  1. Create an email requesting a review.
  2. Search your company in Google search.
  3. Click on “Write A Review” or “Be the First to Review” under your company profile.
  4. Go to your title bar and copy the entire URL
  5. Paste it into the email (step 1) as the link to take them to review.
  6. Identify most recent happy customers
  7. Send the email to an individual customer or BCC a group of customers.
  8. Send the review-request email (from Step 1) to the happy customers from step 6.
  9. If you have a Google Business page, you can be alerted when you get new reviews.
  10. Respond to reviews within 24 hours! Do this on the review site, in public.

Review generating tools can be used also but are not necessary especially when contacting indivduals.

Facebook Finds…

If you know me, you know I love flowers, trees… to be outdoors. And of course, creating design, throw repurposing in and I am in heaven. This recent post on our Facebook page covers all of the above. Is it closing time yet? I’m inspired to go play in the garden! Keep the cleverness coming,Find Us On Facebook, and Twitter

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