May 2016

How Websites Are Like Hairstyles
or…understanding the importance of updating websites

I often joke that outdated websites are like hairstyles, one glimpse and you know from which decade they came.

Connection Group started offering website design for businesses and organizations in 1998.  Sadly, some of the innovative companies and organizations who jumped into the internet then are still working with the same, but now very outdated, website! Others who didn’t understand the importance of updating websites have long since closed their doors.

Take a look at these outdated websites from a web design and developers eye.  We’re going to poke fun at ourselves… so as not to offend anyone…read more on the blog…

Did you ever see our Adobe Flash website? It’s still fun to look at… although Flash was so difficult to what I remember most about this website is how long it took to create it and how much it cost… now obsolete. That’s business sometimes!

Taking Care of Business:
3 Things Every Business Must Do To Increase Revenue

  • Keep Current Customers – How? Keep in touch. Check in with them. Are they happy with your service? Do they have any concerns with quality, value, service…?
  • Get More Customers – How? Ask for referrals. If customers are pleased with your work ask them! “As you know I am working hard to grow business, do you know anybody who could benefit from our products or services?
  • Sell More to Your Current Customers – How? Do you have similar products or services that would be of value to your customer? If a service can be complimented by another service you offer, make customers aware of it. Consider bundling them together and offer existing customers special rates.

Based on presentation by Dr. Kelley O’Reilly – Western Michigan University


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Pop Mashups Of Everyday Objects

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