April 2016

Giving Back to Lansing Start Ups

This month on our social media posts we have been having fun with fonts and typography.
Do people other than designers care about fonts? Of course they do!

The 3 logo concepts on the right are a good example of how non-designers are affected by font choice. Recently Connection Group volunteered graphic design services to Michigan Chamber of Commerce Young Entrepreneurs Academy. I worked with a high school student who created a business called Victory Backpacks. The business concept is to help increase positive energy by adding inspiration quotes to student attire. (Don’t you love it?!)

When we proposed the three logos to the entrepreneur, the discussion was primarily around fonts. Just look at how a script font, as compared to a serif, or sans serif font changes the feeling behind each of the concepts.

Need some help with font choices, design or image creation? Contact us this month and receive 15% off graphic design services.

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On The Blog:
Which is Better Brochure or Sales Sheet?

Your company website is live, you have business cards in hand, and now your’e ready for some leave behind print marketing materials. Small businesses often start with a standard, every-company-has-to-have-one-trifold, and others use sales sheets. Whether you are a start-up company or second stage business, when choosing between a brochure….read more

Taking Care of Business:
8 Strategies to Get Likes on Facebook

  • Set goals – this give you something to measure progress with
  • Complete your Page – fill in every part of the “About Us ‘ section
  • Increase the visibility of your Page – include a Facebook link on all promos and email signature
  • Be creative – Add content viewers will enjoy and share. Don’t sell all the time.
  • Be Engaged – Respond to page posts quickly
  • Develop campaigns – Organize shareable content, create contests. Add a user generated content (UGC) approach to campaigns.
  • Use Facebook Ads: If increases likes is your goal, choose ads that gain page likes.
  • Review analytics: Who is visiting, and when helps you know what and when to post.

    Get Social:
    Are You Fluent in Graphic Design?

    Posted to Connection Group Facebook page earlier, this traveller T-shirt with 40 icons lets you communicate in any country even if you don’t speak its language.

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