8 Strategies for Getting More Likes on Facebook

  • Set goals – this give you something to measure progress with
  • Complete your Page – fill in every part of the “About Us ‘ section
  • Increase the visibility of your Page – include a Facebook page link on all your promos and in your email signature
  • Be creative – Add content viewers will enjoy and share. Nobody wants to feel like they are being sold to all the time.
  • Be Engaged – Respond to page posts quickly
  • Develop campaigns – Organize shareable content, create contests. Generate more interaction by added a user generated content (UGC) approach to a campaign.
  • Use Facebook Ads: You can choose ads that will gain page likes. Try this if increases likes are your main interest.
  • Review analytics: Find out who is visiting, and when they are visiting to know what and when to post.

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