January 2016

2016 Bargain – Two for the Price of None!

Last year we created the e-workbook Mastering the Art of Marketing. It is a compilation of marketing and design strategies your small business can implement right away. It’s in a monthly format  and January is an ideal time to explore in monthly bite size chunks. You can also skip around the book and choose the practices that are most important to your business right now.

In December 2015 we released Mastering the Art of Print Marketing.
The new ebook covers tips on print marketing for small businesses. Printing has different rules than digital or web design. Not knowing file preparation can result in costly mistakes. Whether you’re producing your own print marketing pieces or preparing items to turn over to us, the tips in this book can save you time and money.

For the month of January we are allowing downloads of both books for our e-news subscribers. I hope they’re helpful. We’re hear with any questions on all that is design, print, marketing and web design! Please share this link to people in business who may benefit from the content. Download your free ebooks here.

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Regular WordPress Website Maintenance

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Taking Care of Business 

Print File Preparation

Some things to look for:
  1. Proofread it
  2. Have someone else proofread it
  3. Check with your printer about pricing options
  4. Make sure document is created in the correct size (consider proportions)
  5. Quote any original text (cite author)
  6. Use only photos and graphics you have permission to use
  7. Photos and images must be in cmyk format or a specified Pantone® ink or black (no RGB)
  8. Images must be 300dpi resolution at 100%
  9. Print your file on a desktop printer check color, layout, flow of information
  10. Check the fold. Are the copy and images formatted in the panels as intended?
  11. Save the file as a high-resolution print quality pdf (Adobe Acrobat file)
  12. Send to print vendor

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