Print File Preparation

Some things to look for:

  1. Proofread it
  2. Have someone else proofread it
  3. Check with your printer about pricing options
  4. Make sure document is created in the correct size (consider proportions)
  5. Quote any original text (cite author)
  6. Use only photos and graphics you have permission to use
  7. Photos and images must be in cmyk format or a specified Pantone® ink or black (no RGB)
  8. Images must be 300dpi resolution at 100%
  9. Print your file on a desktop printer check color, layout, flow of information
  10. Check the fold. Are the copy and images formatted in the panels as intended?
  11. Save the file as a high-resolution print quality pdf (Adobe Acrobat file)
  12. Send to print vendor

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