December 2015

Mastering the Art of Print Marketing

Our new ebook covers tips on print marketing for small businesses. Printing has different rules than digital or web design. Over the years we have received countless questions on preparing items for print. Whether you are producing your own print marketing pieces or preparing items to turn over to us the tips in this book can save you time and money.

Some of the topics covered:

  • Color Modes
    (RGB, CMYK, Pantone…)
  • Graphic File Formats
  • Print Resolution Graphics
  • Proofreading Marks
  • Postcard Design, Brochures and Direct Mail

    On the Blog:

    How to [Be Your Own] Brand Consultant – It’s Not Just About Brand Visuals

    connectivity enews graphics

    Many people confuse branding with company logos, corporate identities and websites. It’s true, consistent brand visuals are important to establish a brand identity. The company brand though begins with the intangible elements a company is built on.

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    Taking Care of Business 

    Choosing Web Hosting

    Some things to look for: 

    1. Adequate Space – Some hosting companies only allow so much space per website, be sure there is enough for your needs, also consider whether you plan on uploading lots of photos as these can add up over time.
    2. Advertising – Most all free hosting and some less expensive hosting plans are only able offer plans at these rates because they place there ads on your website. They place a large ad on your site to cover hosting, but you can get hosting for $10/month, They are getting very cheap advertising out of you.
    3. Bandwidth – This is a limit on the amount of traffic to your website. Some companies impose a limit on how often your site is loaded by visitors. If it surpasses the limit for the month, they can disable the website or send you a bill for the amount of the overage. Check the bandwidth limit of your web hosting company and what happens if you go over. Then you’ll want to track your usage to see if need to move to a more advanced plan.

    If you specific hosting needs and would like us to help you in determining a solution, contact us.

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