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October 2015 Free Printable 2016 Calendars

Spotlight – Free Printable 2016 Calendars

Have you started your 2016 Planning?

Each year we print and snail mail calendars to customers who are interested in staying connected throughout the year. The printed 2016 calendars are sold in our Etsy shop and local retail. However our customers and e-news recipients can receive one free. Please be sure to send us your snail mail address if you would like one mailed to you.

The 2016 print calendars are underway. For those already setting appointments into 2016, get a jump start with free printable 2016 calendars to download and use. Choose from a variety of designs. Each month is on a letter size sheet for ease in printing to a desktop printer. Share the link with friends and on social media!

Looking for a custom client give away?
Let us design a print or downloadable calendar that will include your logo and contact information. 

Give us a call today and get in the schedule.  Receive a 15% discount on calendar designs ordered by November 30 , 2015. Be sure to mention the discount when you order!

On the Blog:

How much do you LOVE those pop up forms when you land on a Website?

connectivity enews graphics

How about pop up video advertisements you are forced to watch before getting to the website content you really want to view?

They’re everywhere. At first they were an occasional annoyance as we traveled around the internet. Then national brands and publishers began forcing pop up advertisements to play before they let you see the web content you want. Don’t they know we don’t like it? Haven’t they joined friends for coffee or a beer and heard the moans and groans about the ‘stupid pop up’?  Read More…

Taking Care of Business

Business owners and managers can always benefit to take some time to look at core elements of business. Last month we talked about the appearance of your workplace or shop. This month let’s take a look at your email etiquette:

E-Mail Etiquette:
1. Include a clear, direct subject line.
2. Use a professional email address
3. Respond promptly
4. You don’t always have to ‘reply all’
5. Use professional salutations

That’s not all, find 10 more email etiquette tips and details here.