September 2015

Spotlight – Marketing Consultation

Are You a Good Candidate for a Marketing Consultation?

If you know your product or service is top notch, your customer service is caring and timely, but your company is not experiencing the growth and sales for the level of quality you are providing, you could benefit from a brand marketing consultation

• need help deciding between internet marketing or print marketing?

• have a limited budget and want it to go as far as it can with the best results?

• use old tried and true methods but lately haven’t enjoyed good results?

• need new materials that list a new product, service or store location?

Depending on the size of your business, marketing consultations range from 2-12 hours ($85/hr). Most businesses with less than 5 employees will be in the 2-3 hour range.

First we will meet with you (via phone or in person) and review your current marketing items and practices. We will discuss your business goals and your estimated marketing budget. After the meeting, information and research is compiled to generate a report and plan to outline next steps within your time frame and budget.

Give us a call today or get in the schedule. We’re passionate about this business of marketing and branding and we love to serve and see our customers grow. Receive a 15% discount on marketing consultations scheduled by to October 30 , 2015. Be sure to mention the discount when we schedule!

On the Blog:

Do you have more time than money at this stage of your business? This do-it-yourself step from this month’s blog can give you a jump start and reduce consultation time.

Be Your Own Marketing Consultant

Start with a quick SWOT Analysis.

connectivity enews graphicsSWOT stands for Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats. You may be surprised how much insight you will gain by investing a bit of time answering the following questions about your business. Get a quick glimpse of your business as it stands today, Doing this homework before your brand marketing consultation can help you hone in on the area you would like to address first and keep your time targeted to get the best results. Read More…

Are You Taking Care of Business?

Graphic design samples with prayer cards

Professional Speaker and owner of Dave’s Soda and Pet Shops, Dave Ratner visits retail stores and companies all over the country. He pointed out a few, as he puts it ‘duh’, things businesses often neglect to do that can turn customers away.

1. How is the curb appeal of my business?
2. Are the windows clean?
3. Are the shelfs fully stocked (if you are a retailer)
4. Do you have burned out light bulbs?
5. Is your office/entryway/ shop dirty?

Your building is a component of your brand – it can close a sale or lose a sale. Even if you only meet with customers occasionally at your location, staff and vendors also form an opinion. What message is it sending? Not surprisingly, the items on the above list are also feng shu laws that govern favorable or unfavorable energy. As the saying goes, ‘You only get one chance to make a first impression’. Make it a good one.

Now what did I do with that glass cleaner?

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