What’s The Best Way to Get into Your Customers’ House?

direct mail campaign infographicsDirect mail campaign pieces are the key to get into your prospects home AND hang out a while!

A recent Royal Mail Market Research “The Private Life of Mail” study researched how mail is filtered, handled, discussed, shared and filed at home. By following how mail interacts in the home revealed beneficial insights for brands. For instance the study discovered an average piece from advertising mail or a direct mail campaign stays in the home 17 days! I dare you to get a Facebook ad to be so consistent!

The custom infographic on the right highlights other results of the study including:

  • 23% of mail is passed around
  • People place 24% more value on something they can touch.
  • 57% say it makes them feel more valued.

Nearly 40% of homes display mail.

Of course people display the mail they receive that is attractive, informative and if it stands out from the pack. Studies show if the design and message of a direct mail campaign lands flat the chances of winning shelf space are pretty low.

Direct mail campaigns are perfect opportunities to increase brand awareness and keep you at the top of  your customers mind. Wouldn’t it be great to know your recent postcard mailing was deemed refrigerator worthy? Be sure to show your brand in it’s brightest light. When planning your next mailing be sure to budget time and costs for custom graphic design and professional print. Yes desktop publishing apps allow you to create your own postcards or print brochures and you can even print them on the inkjet printer you have next to your desk. Be honest with yourself.. If the piece your just created came across your desk, what would you think of the company that sent it to you? Does professional or cheap come to mind? 

Stay Connected with Professional Print Communications

Direct mail campaigns are typically made up of postcards, brochures, catalogs, etc. However, direct mail is not the only entry into your customers homes.   Think about other print pieces customers or prospects may hold onto. These ideas could range from one  affordable postcard with an appointment reminder, an attractive brochure with a unique fold or special paper stock.

Think about what you might hold on to. How about thank you cards, greeting cards, coupons? The longer the piece stays in the home. the more often your name is in front of people who enter the household depending on where the mail is displayed.

E-mail marketing, social media. and mobile advertising can drive powerful results. However, as this study shows people still appreciate the tactile and personalized nature of mail.  The next time you are planning to reach out to your customer, remember  a combined marketing campaign always offers the best results – and mail is a highly cost effective component to include in any combined marketing campaign.

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  1. I think you’re right- email marketing is really important. Actually I’m using GetResponse and I wanna learn how to improve my strategy.

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