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August 2015

Graphic Design = Your message made visual.

I wouldn’t go so far as believe Billy Crystal’s comment but when it comes to business, looks are paramount. How a product, package, or service visually appeals to the consumer may weigh in higher in the decision process than most realize.

I know I pay more for tissues when they have a cooler design on the box than the less expensive ones. How about you, what does good design mean to you?

Are you spending valuable time struggling to design a brochure in Word or design a website in WordPress and it still looks like an amateur attempt? Stop that and call us!

We marry visuals with messages to facilitate sales and we’re extending our 25% discount for graphic design through September. Remember to mention the special when you order!

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Monthly Spotlight – Graphic Design

Morning Star Prayer Meditations by Enid A. Gaddis

Graphic design samples with prayer cards

We recently completed a new project for long time customer Enid Gaddis of Crosswalk Jewelry. Enid has created a set of daily prayer cards for parents sending their kids off to school. She wrote the text and selected the words and prayers for each day.

Enid knew the plain Word document would not attract people to truly read and us them. We were happy to add our design touch to them and suggested the perpetual calendar in card format. The user can choose a card each day and can use them every month of the year. The cards are packaged in attractive business card holders. If you are interested in purchasing the card please contact Enid. A percentage of proceeds will be donated for purchasing school supplies for students.