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July 2015

What’s the best way to get into your customers’ house?

The key is mail

A recent Royal Mail Market Research study researched how mail is filtered, handled, discussed, shared and filed at home. The study discovered an average piece of advertising mail stays in the home 17 days! Try and get a Facebook ad to be so consistent.

Another result we find worth noting is nearly 40% of homes display mail. That is, if it stands out from the pack. Wouldn’t it be great to know your recent postcard mailing was deemed refrigerator worthy? When planning your mail campaign be sure to budget time and costs for custom graphic design and professional printing.

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On the Blog:

The 5 Dharma Types of Brochures

Print has been resurrected.

A custom designed and printed brochure can offer flexibility and credibility for; face to face meetings, follow ups from phone inquiries, and website visits. Print communicates clearly by including brand visuals, contact information, specifications of products or services, diagrams, photos, dates, maps, forms to be returned, and more. Read More…

Monthly Spotlight – Social Media Graphics

Profile Backgrounds • Cover Graphics • Newsfeed Graphics • responsive website design Charlotte, Michigan

The idea of a perfect day is when we get to play with type and color and graphics and social media! Happy dance!

Inspiring quotes, product features, event promotions, holiday closing announcements, and monthly features, changing out your social media graphics shows your customer you care about keeping them updated. Adding funny, inspiring graphics to your page feed helps increase your page likes and shares. Call us today to discuss ideas for custom social media graphics and profile creation.

And help yourself! We’ve created original social media graphics for you to use for free. Share them and Pin them to your hearts content! Check out our downloads.