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July 2015

What’s the best way to get into your customers’ house?

The key is mail

A recent Royal Mail Market Research study researched how mail is filtered, handled, discussed, shared and filed at home. The study discovered an average piece of advertising mail stays in the home 17 days! Try and get a Facebook ad to be so consistent.

Another result we find worth noting is nearly 40% of homes display mail. That is, if it stands out from the pack. Wouldn’t it be great to know your recent postcard mailing was deemed refrigerator worthy? When planning your mail campaign be sure to budget time and costs for custom graphic design and professional printing.

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The 5 Dharma Types of Brochures

Print has been resurrected.

A custom designed and printed brochure can offer flexibility and credibility for; face to face meetings, follow ups from phone inquiries, and website visits. Print communicates clearly by including brand visuals, contact information, specifications of products or services, diagrams, photos, dates, maps, forms to be returned, and more. Read More…

Monthly Spotlight – Social Media Graphics

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The idea of a perfect day is when we get to play with type and color and graphics and social media! Happy dance!

Inspiring quotes, product features, event promotions, holiday closing announcements, and monthly features, changing out your social media graphics shows your customer you care about keeping them updated. Adding funny, inspiring graphics to your page feed helps increase your page likes and shares. Call us today to discuss ideas for custom social media graphics and profile creation.

And help yourself! We’ve created original social media graphics for you to use for free. Share them and Pin them to your hearts content! Check out our downloads.

The 5 Dharma Types of Brochures

types of brochures July 2015
Print has been resurrected.

Do you have an upcoming event, new product or service? Are you or your staff attending trade shows, marketing events or sales meetings? There are many types of brochures to select from to communicate your message.

postcard-design-and-landing-pagesA custom designed and printed brochure can offer flexibility and credibility for; face to face meetings, follow ups from phone inquiries, and website visits. Print items serve as reminders to prospects and customers and work to build brand awareness. Print communicates clearly by including brand visuals, contact information, specifications of products or services, diagrams, photos, dates, maps, and forms to be returned, and more.

For a brochure to be effective it needs to be designed well and incorporate consistent use of your brand elements. Eye catching graphics, clever messaging and subjects of interest to the audience, will entice prospects to pick it up. When designing a brochure it is important to align it with your brand promise and in a form and style that relates to your target audience.

Types of Brochures

1. Leave Behind / Informational Company Brochure

This brochure type serves as an initial introduction to prospects.

What information can paint a clear picture and allow people to contact you easily?

2. Sales Support / Product Brochure

Contains information company representatives can use as a sales tool. Don’t assume sales staff memorizes all the key messages for each product or service they pitch during a presentation. Include important information in a sales support brochure to make sure everything is covered accurately. The brochure or sales tool will be left behind for prospects to review after the account representative is long gone.

What product information is most important to prospects?

3. Event Brochure

Create a brochure to promote your event and another brochure to distribute during the event for attendees to reference, (consider accommodations, maps, schedules, etc.). Remember to include dates, times, locations, contact information. Ever seen a brochure or event advertisement that didn’t include the location? Or the start time? Unfortunately it happens too often. (You may want reference a print checklist when creating your print material.) With all types of brochures there are elements that should always be included. It is easy to forget even obvious content  when you are too close to the project.
What information do you need to include in each brochure?

4. Direct Mail Brochure

Of the many types of brochures direct mail brochures are the most popular request by our customers. According to Direct Marketing Association direct mail boasts a 4.4 response rate. Does 4.4% seem low to you? Compare it to the average 0.12% for email campaigns  and you may change your mind!  These statistics on average direct mail response rates is from 2012 when print was at an all time low. Yet it was still beating digital response rates. Now that print is gaining in popularity again the number may be higher.

Who do you want to reach? What product or service or special offer will you feature? What database/mailing list will you use? Do you need to purchase a list? What size will it be? Self-mailer or envelopes? Have you considered postage and handling fees into your budget?

5. Point of Sale

Prospects pick up these brochures to read later. Companies place them at check outs, in point of purchase displays, statement stuffers, as product inserts, they may include product instructions, warranties,  etc.

Can you promote additional products/services as part of a sale? Can you introduce a new product or service to a clientele who are already engaged with your product or service?  Could you increase the value of your product by suggesting multiple uses of products or services? Share new policies, promotions, etc.

Whichever types of brochures you decide your company needs, get clear and concise. Don’t skimp on the attraction quotient! Communicate your message, market your brand, and make a good impression by paying attention to the details. If you need help determining the best print solutions for your budget give us a call or complete the inquiry form here.

If you think print marketing is a good option for  your company don’t hesitate to connect with us!  For the remainder of this month postcard design and printing is 25% off. Respond by July 30, 2015 and save.