May 2015

Google Has Done it Again… small businesses need mobile friendly websites – STAT!

If you haven’t heard already you may be one of the few left on the planet who doesn’t live and breathe all that is the internet. What is being referred to as  “mobilegeddon” (don’t you love tech-nerds?) or, Google’s mobile website algorithm change has launched. Small businesses need mobile friendly websites now more than ever. What the change means to small businesses who do not have mobile friendly websites is that your company website will not come up in mobile Google searches or if it does, it will come up so far down it might as well not come up at all. Read more…

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Connect With Your Inner Marketer

Ready for growth? Slow down for a moment and think about what your company does best:

  • What are customers asking for?
  • What do they appreciate most?
  • Who are they?
  • Where do they hang out?
  • What’s hot right now in your industry?
  • Can you pitch to media?

Once you have the answers determine which channels will be best to  broadcast your message and reach your target audience. Online, print, conferences, tv, radio, social media, blogs, e-newsletters? Do you have media contacts?  Is your service or product available in a small geographical area, do you sell throughout your state or internationally?. Read more…

Monthly Spotlight

Local Small Business Website 

After trying over 60 jury trials in his nearly 38 years practicing law as a partner in top firms in Lansing, Michigan, Mark Hoover has launched a new practice. Hoover opens his new law practice June 1, 2015 in which he will emphasize civil mediation for legal disputes throughout Michigan.

Connection Group provided design consultation service, custom logo design, and responsive website design. Mixing a classic font with a clean, balanced layout for Hoover’s logo combines contemporary and classic styling that helps to define his visual brand and is appropriate to the traditional formality of the law industry. Mark Hoover’s new website implements a responsive WordPress theme. The website offers information and instant credibility for prospective law firms who will be referring mediation cases. The wordpress CMS website offers easy expansion and can grow as Hoover’s practice grows.

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