April 2015

Is there value in getting listed in local web directories?

Local Website Directory Listings

I know you’re getting the calls too. Internet marketing companies calling offering you website marketing solutions, asking if you know the value of getting listed in local web directories. We get them too.

What’s the big deal about getting listed in local web directories?

Although SEO protocol has changed and it is said there is not as much SEO value in being listed with directories there is still value in directories, especially niche directories and local directories. High traffic directories such as Yahoo Local,  read more…

On the Blog:

7 Conscious Steps to Connect with Website Visitors

Internet marketing for small business, also known as web marketing, online marketing, digital marketing and online small business marketing is comprised of many components. Internet marketing encompasses several disciplines, involving everything from websites, email, search engine optimization (SEO),social media and more. There is no one-size-fits-all for internet marketing campaigns. Depending on your business and your target market, finding the right balance between the many options available may take some trial and error but this effort will often lead to great results in internet marketing. Read more…

Monthly Spotlight

Local Small Business Website

We love working with entrepreneurs – especially first timers. Our spotlight this month is on Mid-Michigan Window Cleaning. Raleigh Schefer recently launched his window cleaning business in the Lansing Michigan area.

Ralaigh knew a professional web presence was important to compete with his competition and demonstrate credibility to prospective clients.

Most small start up company budgets are tight and it is challenging to determine how best to stretch dollars. By providing a 3 page responsive website that can expand as the company grows and be easily edited in house, Mid-Michigan Window Cleaning is able to keep marketing costs under control and focus on growing and promoting their business.


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