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Is there value in getting listed in local web directories?

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I know you’re getting the calls too. Internet marketing companies calling offering you website marketing solutions, asking if you know the value of getting listed in local web directories. We get them too.

What’s the big deal about getting listed in local web directories?

Although SEO protocol has changed and it is said there is not as much SEO value in being listed with directories there is still value in directories, especially niche directories and local directories. High traffic directories such as Yahoo Local,  Bing local, etc. increase your website exposure to visitors searching those sites. Also the more links you have directing back to your site the higher your website rank.

Can the guy on the phone help increase my website exposure?

After receiving call after call and claims Connection Group could be listed on all the top directories for $100 I decided to give one of the a shot. The package also included website SEO consultation and benchmark progress reporting for the lsitings. Since I had purchased other products from this particular company in the past they offered me a 50% discount – score! What American can resist a sale?

When the contract started they did a report to show where connectiongraphics.com stood at present with our listing and referral links. We received a grade of 87%. They confessed that was a pretty high percentage. Then my competitive nature kicked in. I thought if we had gotten this far on our own, maybe this top 100 corporation had some magic sauce that could get us to the coveted 100%! (Now is when you remind me how many times I have shared with you that there is no such thing as miracle marketing sauce – I hang my head in shame.)

In 30 days I received a report that our numbers had actually slipped one point even though they reported to have listed us a in a couple new directories. They explained that it was too early to see results but within 3 − 6 months we would see improved numbers. Paying $100 each month for 3 − 6 months. This is just to get 13% higher – remember we started at 87%.

At this point I am skeptical but you know I am going to get my $50 worth so I give them a call for the website SEO consultation that was included in the contrast. I was happy to know we were already implementing the suggestions they offered for website SEO. Sadly, the SEO questions I had for them were not answered. I continually heard “Well, that’s a good question! I don’t know if that works or not.”

Hmmm, no offer to look into my inquiry and get back with me, just, ‘I don’t know, good question’. I chose not to continue the contract after the first 30 days.

How hard is it to get listings in local website directories?

There is value in getting listed in local directories and optimizing your website to come up higher in search results and it does honestly take time to implement. Getting listed in the top local directories doesn’t require a recurring $100 monthly fee through perpetuity. In many cases submitting your company to directories can be handled by an in house staff person. Here is a list of the directories we recommend getting starting with.

The basic free listings on these websites will work for most business needs. There may also be paid directories that are of value to your business. We recommend getting the free listings set up first and if a particular directory is driving traffic a premium listng may be of value.

If you find you don’t have the time to get this going we can dedicate the time to get you posted to all the directories on the attached list for $300.00. If you would like to continue and have us get you listed in custom directories for your industry or your locale we may need to add some more time and increase the investment – but I promise you you won’t be paying $100 a month indefinitely to get listed in only 5 new digital directories a month.