Daily Archives: April 3, 2015

Beware Fake Bill and Invoice Scams

Businesses and individuals with websites should keep an eye out for scams that they receive in the mail. These scams often target businesses with what looks like a bill or an invoice. Scams like this are an attempt to collect money for services that they don’t provide, are phishing for your financial information or looking to trick you into signing up for services that you don’t use.

Some examples of these are Website Hosting Invoices on places you’re not hosted and Website Backup services at a place that doesn’t have access to your website.

Be aware these scams are out there. If you are ever unsure about a bill or invoice, research the business online and contact your website administrator to find out if the bill is real.

Below is one example of an actual scam we received recently. WebsiteBackup.com sent out fraudulent invoices to people around the country asking them to send money to WebsiteBackup Company.

Ripoff Report is a great tool for finding and reporting scams.
Here is an example of a Ripoff Report Complaint about the scam campaign sent out in this example.