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February 2015

2015 Marketing Strategy – Combined Campaigns

Combined campaign example with a website and postcards.

What market segment or demographic does your largest customer group belong to? Is there a specific industry you have a strong track record with that would benefit from your expertise? Do you want to continue to serve this market and reach other prospects in this segment?

Once you identify your ideal customer the next step is to determine where you can find them.  Are they newspaper or magazine readers? Or are they on Instagram and have never seen a Yellow Page book? Chances are you have a mix of ages, interests or income in your target market groups. This is where creating combined marketing campaigns come in… read more…

Not sure where to begin? Connect with us today for a consultation and assistance creating combined marketing campaigns that connect with your target market.

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People Helping People: Social Media Strategies for Small Business

Making Connections In Social Media

You can find top 10 lists on social media strategies for small business all around the internet.  Some tips are complicated, some cost money, some require a lot of time. The social media strategies small businesses seldom consider is keeping it ‘social’. Start with securing your pages on applicable social media sites, posting regularly, and engaging authentically with others. Sharing, liking and commenting on business pages you follow will create camaraderie and your contacts will show their appreciation by reciprocating and engaging with your content. Read more…

Monthly Spotlight

Combined Campaigns

Top 10 lists that claim every company should do this, this and this and they will achieve marketing success are dreaming. I’ve always said there is no ‘one size fits all’ for marketing. That motto can be applied a couple of ways:

  1. Media Options –  from social media, internet, tv, billboard, etc. every company has a choice on which media platforms will reach their target market. If your audience isn’t on social media then you don’t have to be in social media.
  2. Cost and Frequency – budgets and how often you broadcast your information will also vary from company to company.