January 2015

Add Marketing Plans to Your Calendar

Man holding laptop with plans writeen on chalkboard for Marketing Plans and Editorial Calendars

“Plans are nothing; planning is everything.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower

Marketing plans and editorial calendars help you develop creative and consistent ideas and processes to help grow your business.

A comprehensive marketing plan helps target specific areas of your business that you want to promote. Your plan can identify your strengths and weaknesses, study your competition and identify the best media options available to reach your target audience. Having a marketing plan in place also helps you make more informed decision on advertising commitments.

At Connection Group we implement editorial calendars each year for our customers and ourselves. Referencing an editorial calendar throughout the year saves time each month and keeps us focused and on track with identified goals and plans. An editorial calendar may include email marketing plans, blog post topics and frequency, a list of your social media platforms, post frequency and topics to focus on each month.

If you need help creating a marketing plan and / or an editorial calendar for 2015, contact us today. Consultations are discounted 20% through February 13, 2015.

On the Blog:

connectiongraphics.com/blog/2015/01/26/small-business-marketing-5-steps-towards-mastering-your-marketing-plans5 Steps Towards Mastering Your Marketing Plans

For the next 12 month I will be posting small business marketing tips and a worksheet will be available to walk you through the exercise. These exercises are taken from our e-book Mastering the Art of Marketing. I chose this formatting so small businesses or solo-preneurs with limited staff and time may be able to take on business branding and marketing in monthly bite size chunks. All of the worksheets relate to small business marketing, branding and advertising for small business growth Read more…

Monthly Spotlight

Penny Rosema

Professional Speaker
Penny Rosema

We worked with Penny Rosema to create a new responsive website for her professional speaking business. Along with her professional speaker information the website includes information about her company, 2 Views International.

We met Penny when she presented her topic, “Avoiding Common Negotiating Mistakes”, for WISE last year. Penny’s professional and engaging style resulted in 100% positive feedback from attendees. Connection Group was thrilled to work with her to help promote her speaking and workshops to companies and meeting planners. Contact Penny if you have a sales team, group, or association that could benefit from expert negotiation tips. Penny will offer real world business examples, lessons, and tips that can be implemented right away.

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