October 2014

We Don’t Mean to Scare You But Do You Realize 2015 Is Only Two Months and a Week Away?

Are you taking advantage of the extra week in October? I actually find myself (mostly) caught up. This ‘free’ week has allowed my staff and I to dedicate some time on the design of our 2015 printed calendars plus setting the editorial calendar for next year.

To stay connected to our customers we develop blog posts on services we provide. Our blogs offer tips, cautions and on occasion, even a bit of humor. We do our best to keep our social media posts relevant and fun and we send these monthly newsletters to you. Spending time now, before the year ends helps us know ahead of time each month what information we will cover. Adjustments are made as needed when news and trends change that may be of value to our customers but having a plan in place is always a time saver.

If you are interested in growing business and staying connected to your customers more consistently in 2015,we can help you get a plan in place.

Choose one or all of the following:

• Annual Marketing Plans
• Editorial Calendars
• Social Media Strategies


The 8 Agreements for Working With a Graphic Design Firmcomputer screen displaying website content

There are a variety of reasons why a small business can benefit from working with a graphic design firm. Skilled graphic designers can help your company shine and organize information efficiently in a graphically appealing manner. Once you have determined the project you are hiring the graphic design firm for the next step is to establish a clear understanding of who is responsible for each element of the project(s). more on the blog…

Monthly Promotion:

Greeting Cards

As I type this it is 70 degrees and sunny in Michigan. However, by Friday the weather forecasters are scaring everyone with threats of snow flurries – just in time for trick or treating. And yes, I CAN hear the snickers of our West coast customers. Wherever you live now it is the time to start planning for corporate holiday promotions and communications.  

Holiday Cards:
custom card design
• animated cards sent via email
• consider full color business card size magnets

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