July 2014

Why Are Infographics So Popular?

“Infographic search volumes have increased by over 800% in just over 2 years.” – Jeff Bullas 

The infographic on the right explains visually the biggest reason why infographics are so popular.

Well designed infographics can clarify complex data with simple imagery. It’s like shorthand for mountains of data!

Besides breaking down all the web content we receive daily they also compliment your marketing efforts because:

  1. Compelling and attractive – people love facts and statistics, add graphics and visuals and you have a shareable item.
  2. Easily scanned, viewed and understood – 90% of the brain is visual so tapping into the optic nerve communicates the message clearer.
  3. Increases brand awareness – adding your logo and contact information (plus the link to your website) increases brand exposure.
  4. Identifies you as an expert 
  5. Easily shared – Visuals are shared more frequently on social networks and are used in presentations more than ordinary text content.
  6. Increases website traffic and SEO – by posting to your site you can have a direct url associated with the image. Every time the infographic is shared the person is linking to your website, the viewer is then taken to your website, and Google will index your website higher.

Connection Group creates infographics for many of our internet marketing customers. We want to create some for you too! Do you have industry stats that would work well in visual form? Prefer to have us research the stats and create the graphics and post them? We can do that too! Whichever you prefer connect with us today we love designing infographics and the extra bonus of helping you to boost your brand.


Why is website content king?computer screen displaying website content

Content, content and more content. Every move we make in internet marketing is to drive more content. From content management systems of custom  websites, to blog entries, to custom infographics, to white papers, our travels around the web are leading us to more and more website content everyday. more…

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