February 2014

Is the Facebook Business Page Dead?

A full decade of Facebook. Can you believe it? Some days it still seems crazy that over a billion people are visitors of this one website nearly every day. Other days it seems as if it has always been a part of our lives. In such a short time feeding Facebook news feeds with funny stories and trend setting tips has created a world of narcissist and overnight millionaires.

The reigning king of social media that is Facebook has continually made changes over the 10 years to keep us coming back. Marketers are like mice on a wheel trying to keep up. We have experienced many late nights editing slides before a large presentation because Facebook did an overhaul the day before a big consultation. Most recently, changes to the Facebook business page newsfeed algorithm has left businesses and social media marketing companies scrambling. Overnight companies were angered seeing that only 100 fans of their 8000 fan base actually saw their posts at any given time… more on the blog…

Spotlight: Full Color Postcard Design and Printing

Make sure your message gets seen with a full color postcard. 

The postcard at right was designed and printed for Nxtwall demountable walls. We started on the rebranding for Nxtwall last year and we haven’t done any direct mail campaigns until now. This month they will be participating in a tradeshow and they have a few others lined up for 2014. We utilized a mailing list that was targeted to the industry segment expected to attend the trade shows. The complete list of events that are in line for 2014, information about the product lines, contact information along with a call to action were included on the back. Part of the designed back of the postcard was following postal regulations. Space was allotted for the postal insignia and address area. From concept to mailbox we were able to manage the entire process. The postage and addresses were printed directly on the back panel for a professional and clean look that reduces time and costs from any hand work.

With a variety of sizes postcards can serve many purposes: 

  • introduce yourself or your business
  • announcement of a new product or service
  • invite for an event, a save the date, a sale
  • appointment reminder
  • calendar
  • thank you note
  • moving announcement
  • coupon

Postcard Sizes: 

  • 4″ x 6″ – uses postcard rate mailing fee
  • 4-1/8″ x 5-7/8″  – uses postcard rate mailing fee
  • 5″ x 7″
  • 5-1/2 5 x 8-1/2
  • 6″ x 11″

Postcards can be used as mini brochures. they are an economical option for a leave behind piece. You can choose to use the full area on the back to include information. I also suggest to customers who have limited marketing and advertising budgets to use them as leave behinds with customers, at partner organizations, in displays in social settings, or use them to stuff in packages. Keeping information general allows you to print up a number at once and use them for many purposes.

Don’t have a large mailing list yet? Jot a note on the back and pop them in the mail one at a time for individualized communication.

Promotion: Pocket Folders Discount Continued through March 20th, 2014pocket folder sample with press kit

Are you a small company who needs just a few folders at an affordable price? New equipment now offers the ability to provide professional branded pocket folders at a reasonable rate for quantity orders — as few as 25! Costs range for one color, two color and four color. For those companies who use pocket folders for all their proposals, 25% discounts is available on larger quantities too. Call today for design and printing quotes for your project or visit our website.

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