December 2013

Great Tidings Comfort and Joyful Holidays

As the year comes to an end with holiday festivities, it is our hope that you will enjoy time with family and friends – work will be here when you return. Wishing you peace, love and happiness during the holidays and always.

How Can a Marketing Consultation Help Business?

I remember during my stints in the corporate world when the executive offices shared that they were bringing in a business consultant, there was a chorus of groans in every department. Truthfully there were times when a better solution would have been to survey staff, vendors and customers to get a clear picture and new direction to meet the company goals. In other situations however, an outside view that is qualified in a specific area can provide valuable insight to the functioning of individual departments and the company as a whole, large or small. read more on the blog.

12 Small Steps to Make Big Connections in 2014

In our customer 2014 calendar design we included an offer to assist companies with some of those nagging brand marketing pieces that all small businesses know they need to do but can’t find the time to complete. If you are not in business to be handling marketing, give yourself a break and let us help you. We have structured them so you could order a few from each category, one task each month, address one focus for each quarter of 2014 or have us work on it all right away. We can set up everything and turn it over to you to take over or we can build it and maintain it all for you – what ever YOU prefer.

  • Do-it-yourselfers: choose the specific marketing service you’ve wanted to complete all year but just haven’t found the time and cross it off your already over-full to-do list!
  • Please-get-us-started: choose the entire package or a custom package designed to fit your immediate goals and future growth. We can tackle one task per month or complete the entire plan in one quarter.
Affordable Design and Marketing Services 

2014 Artwork1. Planning and Consultation: 

  • 1 hour consultation with written report.
  • editorial calendar (content)
  • marketing plan – 5 page plan
2. Web / In-Bound Marketing 
  • blog design and development
  • e-mail newsletter template
  • landing page creation
3. Content Creation 
  • Biography – Management or Business
  • Fact Sheet / Blog Article
  • E-book creation
4. Social Media Marketing 
  • social media profile creation
  • integrate social media, maps on website
  • directory listings

Connect with us by January 30, 2014
Receive $100.00 off! Purchase one of the 4 options below ($500.00 value) and save $100.00 off of the standard price.

A Beautiful and Inspiring 2014

Our 2014 calendars have been handed out to a few local customers and we have received a great response from recipients. Mail arrival by January 1, 2014 for those who have signed up to receive one. If you missed signing up to receive a free promotional one, please order yours today and we will get one in the mail to you as soon as possible. There are limited quantities remaining so please respond quickly. If you miss out on the Connection Group promotion calendars there may be some product calendars still available for sale that do not include service listing and are purely for decoration. Prices are reduced for the new year. We would love it if you could share the link in your social media channels for those who may be interested, thank you!

We hope you will stay connected with us throughout the year.
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