Twitter Business (The Use of Twitter for Small Businesses)

Ever since its origins in 2006, Twitter has been proven time and time again as a powerful resource for information and community outreach. There are some important things to know when working to grow your Twitter business brand from the Twitter2_C_3ground up. Unlike Facebook, Twitter requires more of a commitment and active participation in the community. Here are some things you will need to know:

Acquaint Yourself with the Platform

Observe how other businesses send out information and when. Learn how to utilize hashtags (#hashtags) and see if there are any relevant ones that relate to your business. Follow some other people who have similar goals. And always be sure to check up on your account at least a couple times a day.

Make Sure Your Followers are up-to-date on Things

Twitter excels in terms of its ability to spread information very quickly. If you are running a special, be sure to post it. Possibly post it a few times, just to make sure anyone who is interested can stay informed. You can also use Twitters quickness factor for anything else that needs to go out immediately as well (such as events, schedule changes and so on).

Get Creative

Don’t be afraid to try things and go ahead and be creative with your tweets. Some of the more successful twitter campaigns emerged simply by experimenting and seeing what worked. Twitter is an open platform for anyone to spread work and share ideas, take the initiative and make your brand a part of that experience.

Hashtags are Your New Best Friend

The explosion of hashtags across media has made them even more powerful. To elaborate, hashtags are a number symbol followed by a word (ex. #TBT). Essentially, hashtags are used to promote specific products, events or days giving the twitter communities involvement and input on things going on.

For example, every Friday people are encouraged to promote other Twitter users in the hopes of them doing the same for you and making yourself more involved. This occurrence is known as “Follow Friday” and whenever someone tweets about someone they want you to follow the hashtag #FF is somewhere in the post.

Network, Network, Network

You never know when something or some person will come in handy. Always be sure to welcome an opportunity to exchange information with someone else on Twitter who is in a similar situation or industry as you. Together you might even be able to work together or advertise one another and increase the exposure for both of you exponentially!

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