August 2013

Charlotte Area Biking Walking Map - Connection GroupBrochures… Illustrations… Design…
Oh my!…

Connection Group was recently contracted by the Barry Eaton District Health Department to assist them in educating the public on routes throughout the Charlotte area for safe biking and walking. This project is an initiative to get people moving and increasing health and wellness in our community.

We created the brochure layout and also recommended design and printing of full color posters to be posted by area retailers and organizations  to build awareness of the routes for their customers and encourage employees to get bike or walk into work.

We love projects where we can incorporate a variety of skills and this one is a great example. Planning the placement of the information, choosing the colors and creating the illustrations while making sure all phases were completed in the time frame agreed including printing and delivery allow us to ‘show our stuff’ and ease the burden for our client. It is our pleasure to bring these types of communication to the community in the clearest most attractive format. Download the map from the BEDHD website.

Sentiment never goes out of style.

customer greeting card holiday card peace card

When you go to your snail mail box and sort through your packet of envelopes which ones get opened first? The electric bill, the direct mail piece from your auto dealer, or the card envelope from a distant friend or relative. Exactly! We all love a personal, heart felt greeting and cards are a perfect way to reach out to others and let them know you are thinking for them. A quick thank you card for someone who has helped you or a customer who you appreciate doing business with or a holiday card to celebrate are great ways to stay in touch personally and professionally.Another option is to send electronic greeting cards. Connection Group has created a variety of custom designs in various topics that you can share with your contacts for free. Some e-greeting cards have been associated with viruses, rest assured Connection Group e-cards are virus free. Safely send to your hearts content! If we are missing a category please let us know we love designing the cards and having them shared. Email a greeting today! We also welcome you to share them on Facebook and Pinterest so others may enjoy them as well.

Email Scam for printing quotes and other fakes

computer screen capture of email program
On the Blog
If you have received a scammer email, or ‘sold’ an item to a scammer, please enter the senders email in a comment below. Others who receive the email can search the email address and find this thread and be forewarned.The post for August blog entry was suppose to be Pinterest – Pinning for Profit: How to Maximize Traffic and Sales through Pinterest. However, in the last few days we have been reminded of the proliferation of scams in today’s digital world and we decided to pose a few words of caution…

Read the rest of the article on the Connection Group blog.

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