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April 2013

Your business card is your first impression.

When you hand your card to a business contact or potential customer, it’s your first opportunity to stand out and be memorable. What kind of impression are you making? Does your business card say that you’re a professional? Are your company’s standards reflected in the type of paper and font you use, and the overall image conveyed by your card?

You have one chance to make a first impression. This month, we’re focusing on helping you make it a good one.

10 Tips for Creating a Great Business Card

Your business card should quickly and clearly communicate what your business is. Here are the first three tips for creating a business card that your contacts will remember long after your initial meeting.

  1. Be Clear – Choose a font that is clearly legible. You don’t have to stick to the same standard fonts that are on everyone’s computer. Choose a font with personality that suits your brand just be sure it can be read. Print a proof at 100% size and have a variety of people read it. Don’t close out the senior market because they can’t read your card!
  2. Keep It Clean – A business card should not replace your brochure or website. Add contact information, a tag line if you have one or a coupled of products and services you offer. If you choose to add all of your products and service or other information, consider using the second side of the business card.
  3. Stand Out  – Nothing helps build a brand quicker than a custom logo design. Nothing beats a brand image that demonstrates your commitment to quality, and quickly communicates who you are like a professional logo design. Choose colors that are noticeable and suitable to your brand.

Read the rest of the 10 tips on the blog.

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