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March 2013

This month, we’ll return to our roots and focus on Graphic Design, namely logo design.

A logo is one of the first branding pieces we recommend for startups and growing businesses.  Many startup companies on limited budgets attempt to develop their own small business logo. However, the importance of a professional image can not be stressed enough – especially when you are a new company on the scene.

For those who decide to tackle a DIY logo design or those who already have a logo but want to be sure it is going to serve them well in all purposes, this edition of Connectivity will help you get started.

Small Business Branding Begins with A Dynamic Logo Design

10 Tips for Creating Your DIY Business Logo Design

For some people, putting together a logo for their small business is easy. Anyone with a computer and software can do it. Someone actually told me he built a logo in Microsoft Excel, I wouldn’t recommend it but he knew the program and it’s what he decided to use.

Keep in mind, though, that there is a difference between a logo designed by a professional and one made by a first-timer.

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Where Will You Use Your Business Logo?

Woldumar Nature Center Anniversary LogoReproducing Your Small Business Logo

Whether you created your own logo or worked with a graphic design firm, it is best to have files in each color format. From start-up businesses to non-profit associations, all companies and organizations have a variety of marketing and communication pieces they need to produce.

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How Are You Staying Connected?

Introducing Connection Group Service Packages

Connection Group has grouped the most popular branding and marketing elements into affordable packages to clearly communicate the value of your products and services. Starting at just $550.00!

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