Effective Marketing = Content + Consistency

By Cathy Burke

Even the best products and services don’t sell themselves – which makes marketing critical to the success of your business. But entrepreneurs who are already overwhelmed with everyday operations may not have much time to develop their marketing savvy.

No worries! There are really just two main keys to effective marketing: Content and Consistency.

If you believe in what you’re selling and enjoy teaching others about it, the content part is fairly easy. All you need to do is find ways to share your enthusiasm and knowledge. This might involve buying an ad, speaking at an event, sending a mailer, posting an article or an interesting fact on your Facebook page, or even just chatting with friends and acquaintances as you go about life in your community.

Achieving consistency is a little more difficult. It’s usually not very effective to place just one ad or make just one Facebook post. And even the most rapt audience will soon forget your last presentation. In short, you need to keep putting your message out there. This is true even when you become tired of hearing yourself talk!

One of the best ways to ensure consistency is to establish a schedule for your marketing efforts. Your schedule might include three social media posts per week, a monthly blog, two speaking engagements a year, and bi-monthly advertising or mailings.

A consistent look and feel in your marketing is also important. For example, you need an attractive logo that can be used on signage, invoices, advertising flyers, and so on.

Connection Group can help with both the content and consistency of your marketing. We are a full service marketing and graphic design agency that provides creative print and digital solutions for small business. Give us a call for a complimentary consultation and we’ll work with you to develop a customized strategy designed to fit your timeframe and budget. We can work on a per project basis or can deliver monthly marketing maintenance.

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