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Facebook has finally included an opportunity (and instructions) for people who mistakenly set up Facebook user profiles as Facebook Business Pages. I have expressed my frustration, disappointment and amazement on this topic many times. When we have taken on a few of our customers social media activities we have been in the sad position to give them the unfortunate news that the ‘page’ they have been building followers on is not a business page at all and is actually a break in the Facebook rules and guidelines. (Facebook doesn’t allow personal profiles to act as a business or be called a business name. You can tell the difference when you visit the page for the first time. If it asks you to “Like” the pages it is a business page of some form. If it says you need to be a friend of them to view the content, it is a personal profile.

So if you are one of those who have accumulated a whole mess of followers on a personal profile, Facebook just made it easier to convert the profile to a page with just a few clicks of the button. It also transfers your existing followers – yes!!!! You will lose the content you have posted thus far, but that is typically old news. It most important to create a legitimate business page and  keep the followers you have accumulated. Go here and it will walk you through it.
You will also gain so much more value by having a page instead of a proifle. Fans can automaticaly like your page without having to get your permsission, you can add custom apps to your Facebook fan page, you can use iFrames to add custom graphics, post your services and products – so many more benefits that a personal profiles doesn’t allow.

Good luck, call us if you need help. Connection Grpahics is loving the flexibility of the new iframes features by building mini-sites on our customer Facebook business pages. Let us help you brand your page in style.

Stay connected!

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