No More Facebook Hackers!

While on FB, look at your URL address (in the very top box on your screen.) See graphic below:

facebook title bar

If you see “http:” instead of “https:” as shown above then you DO NOT have a secure session and you can be hacked!

Go to Account- Account Settings-

facebook account area

Next go to Account Security and click Change.

facebook account secuturity box

Check the box(es) and click save.             (Remember to click save!)

Account security boxes to check - https: secure connection and mobile device logs checked

If you don’t change it, Facebook automatically has it on the non-secure setting and you will continually be exposed to hackers and have to change your password again, and again, and again…

Please share this with others (and select LIKE to pass it along on Facebook see buttons above this post) – if your Facebook friends are hacked you can be effected also!

Save browsing!

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