Being Thankful

Be prepared for a random entry, I realized chances of fitting a post in before months end (as I promised myself) was getting slimmer so I am filling the page with weekend musings. (Wish I had photos for all that I did – there would be a lot less reading for you)…
First and foremost is the securing of the most enormous Christmas tree. Okay, its not the State tree huge, but it fills the space and the fresh pine holiday scent – oh so cozy. We did not take the time to decorate yet and so it’s a shot of green life in the space we’re bonding with. (I know, this entry does so scream out for visuals… maybe later.) Anyway, Thanksgiving and the weekend left-overs filled us with holiday spirit and bringing the tree home welcomes in Christmas.

Much goings on with family and holiday prep. Thad traveled to Ford Field to watch his Lowell Football team capture the State Championship…(..and more great visuals.) A happy day, Lowell Wins, Lowell Wins!

It all ends with Sunday devoted to creating a web site from scratch…a few bumps along the way but mostly energetic and inspiring. I am so grateful for All that Is. The end of the night was an injection of tv that was actually time worthy, the HBO 25th Anniversary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Concert. Inspiring to see so many great musicians sharing a stage – can’t imagine the energy at the Madison Square Garden that night.It was heartwarming to see Simon and Garfunkel, Crosby and Nash, harmonize on stage. Stevie Wonder, touched with emotion while performing a Michael Jackson tune. The passion and the love for music radiated from many of my very favorite story-telling songwriters – who can rock out.

I enjoyed the flashbacks and wondered, who are the story-telling song writers like Sting, Bruce, Petty and Fogerty during these times? The ones who can also rock a bit? (…hmmm, maybe next time I should add some audio…).

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