May / June 2009

Do you post your kids photos and names online?
As professional designers we have the responsibility of building awareness while being careful to share all view points fairly and keep private information safe. One particular task we address frequently is posting pictures of kids without releasing personal information. To keep children safe do not use real names in captions when kids photos are posted on a public website. For businesses who solicit personal information from children under 13 and for all parents who post your kids photos to your Facebook page (private or not – do you really know what your classmate from middle school does in his spare time?) please review the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and be cautious of exposing your children’s identity.

Rainy Summer Days, kids are inside to play…
The internet is a great reference tool for kids and the entertainment value in alone is a Godsend when trying to get lunch made. Besides good child blocking and filtering software, communicating and agreeing to some key rules for internet use with your kids will help address issues before they may occur. Here are some important points to review that have been summarized from a long list of safety tips posted on the website. The site is a portal for education adults and children on internet safety and offers safety pledges for kids in various age groups to follow. It also has great games. Print the agreements and post them!

What is the strangest scam you have ever received in your mailbox (snail or e-mail)?
Last week’s winner: Tina Bunker – Saites Catering

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