Reflect on Your Accomplishments

Each year end I look forward to setting a time to reflect on the previous 12 months. Along with reflection I also use this period to do some forecasting and set goals personally and professionally. If you can snag a bit of time by yourself during the holiday season for this practice I guarantee you will reap some powerful insights. If you are not good at writing things down or journaling, try a dream board to identify some goals you are seeking. A dream board is a great visual reminder to drive your actions throughout the year. Check WikiHow if you are not familiar with dream boards.

To help you on the year end reflections I have included some questions from a coaching professional below to get you started. Cheryl Richardson is a life coach who has helped bring coaching into the mainstream. Her guidance and best selling books resonate with wisdom, courage and gut-wrenching truths we must all embrace to truly become the people we want to be. Below are some questions from her Life Makeover book and community to help you as you reflect on the past year.

Reflect on the year by answering the following questions:

  1. What hidden part of you have you awakened this year?
  2. What positive changes have you made to your home or office?
  3. Are you getting your creative needs met? How?
  4. What changes have you made to better honor your integrity?
  5. Have you added any small pleasures to your life? If so, what are they?
  6. Have you forgiven yourself for something you did that’s been bugging you?
  7. How have you taken better care of your body, your mind, or your heart?
  8. How have you been a better partner, spouse, friend, or co-worker?
  9. What have you done to help others improve the quality of their lives?
  10. Are you letting things be easy?

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