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During this season of giving it is easy to get caught up in materialism. New home decor, sparkling jewelry and gadgets galore fill the gift lists of all ages. Thanksgiving allows a time to reflect on the blessings we have and express our gratitude. Our families, our health, our jobs come to mind and we are grateful. Most of us have our basic needs met and I think some of us take them for granted. We know there are people in other countries who do not have the luxury of the basic necessities of life and people in our own country who do without some of the “extras”, the proms dresses, ipods, and fancy cars. So we give to the third world nations and maybe pick an ornament off of the local Angel Tree and feel good about giving back. There are a lot of good causes we can all support with money, resources, talents. If you are looking for one close to home, in the U.S., for people who are without the basic necessities we may take for granted, consider the families of Hale County, Alabama. View the link below to get more specifics. It is amazing to me how so many here in the United States, the richest country in the world, live without water. Buy a meter yourself or get a group together.

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