February 2008

HAPPY HEART MONTH! In tips this month learn how announcing a free item available on your website could cost you! We had an experience with a client who offered a free item on their website to viewers of their television show. . . click to read more

CONNECTIONS: This month we’re sharing a recently completed client web site design. All you knitters out there will welcome this great resource of beautiful yarns and patterns. Mango Moon also donates a portion of their sales to Nepali Women Empowerment Group. Visit Mango Moon Yarns www.mangomoonyarns.com

DOWNLOADS: Spread the love! Send a valentine greeting! Whether you’re flirting with your love bunny or sending a virtual hug to a good friend, the joy comes back to you. Do it today and set the date to send it on Thursday! While you’re there, update your virtual look with our Valentine’s wallpaper and February 2008 calendar.

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