Happy New Year! 2008

This time of year is always so inspiring for me. I relish it as a completion and as a catalyst for what the future can be. 2007 was a year of planning and building, clearing vision and space. Some of you may recall the old school building maintenance was draining on so many levels! The results are gratifying and once again comfort and creativity flow.


More time was well spent in research and expanding Connection Graphic’s reach to new markets. I have met and worked with some very dynamic and passionate people this year and I plan to keep them in my travels. I am also pleased about the development of our new website. The updated format allows us to connect virtually through this blog, the Connectivity newsletter, our downloads and new designs. The plan is, Connectivity will be a monthly greeting in your email box and also archived. I plan for it to be a fun and informative read. We’ll share “many things design” usually reserved for client consultations and project development. Be sure to sign up for it!


FYI, a schedule for these blog entries is not on the horizon! Check in for words of wisdom, resources, web, marketing, design tips and an occasional funny or call to action though. I will be expending most of my extra energy designing the graphics for our free download products. Design is the passion after all. I am loving combining wisdom, quotes, and affirmations with my original illustrations and photos of people, places, things, and nature I have collected along the way. I hope these designs make a connection with you and encourage connections with others. Share the love, choose peace.


Over the holiday I donated a couple of ecards designs for a wonderful cause dedicated to expanding love across the world. Learn more by visiting TheGlobalHeart.org, part of the awesome Debbie Ford Integrative Coaching community. You can choose to sign up or not, scroll to Resources Images and find my Love ecards.


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