Daily Archives: December 31, 2007

2007 Year End

Have you had a chance to take a look at the website overhaul?

I can’t tell you what a relief and a reward this change has been! So many ideas I have been building on are finally in place and the new client samples have increased interest in our print and web design services. Many kudos to webmaster Kalyn for her patience, knowledge and resourcefulness. Also, honoring my true nature, Connection Group is now offering wind powered website hosting! We’re always looking for more ways to support the environment and practice green living and working. I’ll add more resources to the blog and newsletter as more are known.

As to further connections, did you know Connection Group is a member of the Graphic Communications Conference of the Brotherhood of Teamsters? We are united in support of fair wage and labor practices worldwide. We are also reaching out to association and union shops as targets for our services. Why? We pledge to get rid of the many ugly and poorly functioning member websites that currently proliferate the web. Whoops, did I just fall into my snobby designer dialect? Seriously, Connection Group is desperately needed to design fully functioning member based websites for these groups! Organization members surf professionally designed websites everyday – and when they visit their own union’s website they can’t find the information they need! Any of you association or union members who are confused or horrified upon entering into your company, local, or national union and association website, contact us. We’ll create a a custom site that can be updated in house and look and function professionally. We can also tackle your print publications and community outreach communications to update to your website and create a complete professional brand package.

Another element of the site design is the ease in adding to our links listing. We’re fortunate to work with many companies who share the same core values Connection Group is built on. Because of this, people often ask me who I know who can help with a service or product they are seeking. To help bring the connections together we have posted client case studies on some of our favorites and have added references throughout the site. We will continue to brainstorm ways to share friends, client, and vendor information. If you need any services from people we feature, check them out or contact us for more information, you will be pleased with the connections. Full circle. Love it.

Stay connected,