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Helpful Design Tips

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8 Strategies for Getting More Likes on Facebook

Set goals – this give you something to measure progress with Complete your Page – fill in every part of the “About Us ‘ section Increase the visibility of your Page – include a Facebook page link on all your promos and in your email signature Be creative – Add content viewers will enjoy and […]

10 Tips for Professional Business Card Design

A business card should clearly communicate who you are and what you do. Be Clear – Choose a font that is clearly legible. Keep It Clean – A business card should not replace your brochure or website. Stand Out  – Nothing helps build a brand quicker than a custom logo design. Cover It – It’s important to […]

Print File Preparation

Some things to look for: Proofread it Have someone else proofread it Check with your printer about pricing options Make sure document is created in the correct size (consider proportions) Quote any original text (cite author) Use only photos and graphics you have permission to use Photos and images must be in cmyk format or […]

Beware Fake Bill and Invoice Scams

Businesses and individuals with websites should keep an eye out for scams that they receive in the mail. These scams often target businesses with what looks like a bill or an invoice. Scams like this are an attempt to collect money for services that they don’t provide, are phishing for your financial information or looking […]

Connection Group Quick Tips on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 2009

These tips are current as of today Dec. 2009. SEO changes rapidly so please check back with us for questions regularly. Text, Content & Keywords on your Site • Site content • Location of text the search engines can see. Inbound links • Other sites linking to your site Site Architecture • Code or Back-end […]

How does color affect us

COLOR PSYCHOLOGY Our personal and cultural associations affect our experience of color. Colors are seen as warm or cool mainly because of long-held (and often universal) associations. Yellow, orange and red are associated with the heat of sun and fire; blue, green and violet with the coolness of leaves, sea and the sky. Warm colors […]

Keeping Kids Safe Online

Let’s face it the internet is a great educational and entertaining resource our kids can benefit from exploring, but there are areas we don’t want them to travel too! Setting some clear guidelines and rules upfront will help you feel more comfortable and keep them safer. Visit www.netsmartz.org to download safety pledges that are geared […]

Clarity with SWOT Analysis

During this changing business climate many companies are diversifying and others are closing their doors. Reinvention can stem from a need to increase revenue, a request to follow a new direction an industry has taken or a need to enhance skills in a niche sector. It is important to evaluate how your company, product and […]

How to create a Newsletter

Newsletters need to be professional, informative and accurate. It’s important to plan ahead and this doesn’t just mean choosing content. Before you start editing copy, let’s take a few steps back. Answer these few critical questions before you jump into the actual newsletter elements. 1. Who is your audience? If you have an existing newsletter […]


If you plan to set time aside for a year end review, personally or professionally, visit our blog. In the most recent entry you can find some specific questions to get you started. Below enjoy another tip by another of our favorite coaches, Michael Neill – www.geniuscatalyst.com Emma was struggling to keep her home-based business […]