10 Tips – DIY Small Business Logo Design

For some people, putting together a DIY small business logo design is easy. Anyone with a computer and software can do it. Can you believe a person built a logo in Microsoft Excel? It’s often too easy to distinguish a professional logo design from a DIY small business logo design. These tips can save you grace, time, and money. 1. […]

DIY Graphic Design – Reproducing Your Small Business Logo Design

Whether you created your small business logo design or you worked with a graphic design firm, have logo files in each color format. From start-up businesses to non-profit associations, all companies and organizations have a variety of marketing and communication pieces to produce. Each format has specific color requirements. If you’re printing business cards, you will need your […]

Most Common Questions of Website Design Bids and RFPs

1. Difference between hosting and maintenance. Many understand the main difference, the innuendos are what cause the cost variable. For large content management system (CMS) based sites you need individual (not shared) hosting. Host server speed and reliability are the next considerations. Although your Small Business, City, County or Government website may not have large […]

New Year, New Social Media Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses on Facebook

strategy for small business social media marketing on facebook

A  strategy for small business social media marketing was turned upside down last week when Mark Zukerberg announced changes to the Facebook newsfeed. Aimed to enhance the user experience, Facebook will begin to prioritize newsfeed posts from family and friends. A large percentage of users may not even notice the increase in cat memes or teenager […]

Capability Sheet Design

Need one for the 2018 WBENC Conference? Spaces are filling fast!  Connect with us today for your custom professionally designed capability sheet. click sample to enlarge A Successful Capability Sheet Design Includes: Similar to a product cut sheet or a sales sheet, capabilities sheets are what companies use in the procurement of corporate and government bids. […]

Resort and Vacation Rental Website Designs

  Love of travel and web savviness had us viewing resort and vacation rental website designs long before it was the standard that it is today. As timeshare owners, we search resort and vacation rental websites regularly for new travel experiences. We seldom stay at the same venue twice – not even our home resorts. Why […]

Lansing and Charlotte, Michigan Small Business Marketing Solutions

Looking for small business marketing solutions? We receive calls everyday from small businesses looking for answers to their marketing needs. We also receive phone calls from other marketing companies trying to sell to us! I am amazed by the volume of calls (some robo calls, don’t get me started on those-ugh!) from marketing companies. Each […]